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It’s an expression that creates thoughts of following, learning, and protection. As we mature we often seek someone to follow their example and help us along the way. We at In His Steps Nicaragua believe that God gave us the perfect example to follow in His son Jesus Christ. Our goal is to teach God’s plan through His Word and through the life of His son, Jesus Christ, thereby providing a proven, biblical path to follow

“In His Steps”.



Eric and Wendy Harbinson

Wendy and I have now been missionaries in Nicaragua since 2012. It seemed like it
took forever for us to get to the mission field but what an amazing adventure it has
been! And the adventure continues…


Our Ministries

When God called us to the mission field we knew it was to share the Gospel, teach and
make disciples. We did not know what that would look like but within the first year, God
had clearly established the main vehicles through working with a pastor in a remote
community, discipleship in our home and working with the English department at UNAN.
It just keeps growing and getting better and better.

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