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Eric & Wendy Harbinson

Wendy and I have been married since 1982 and we raised three wonderful children—Greg, Brett and Kaylee. We surrendered to God’s call for us to go to the mission field in 2008 and it took four years for God to reveal the how, where and when. We trusted God to answer the how and then after 3 years of searching, He revealed the where—Nicaragua. And finally, the when—on March 19, 2012, my wife, Kaylee and I boarded a plane with a one-way ticket. We did not know the language yet but we knew we were to share the Gospel, teach and make disciples. The adventure began!


We believe that Christ’s love compels us to teach others about God’s love through His Word and by serving our neighbors.


We exist to establish relationships in the city of Matagalpa and in the remote villages. We provide training and resources to help them live out their faith with sound Biblical doctrine and encourage them to help others do likewise. We focus on relationship building, Bible teaching, discipleship training, and pastor partnerships. Through our mentoring relationships, we serve and minister to the physical and spiritual needs in our city and in the remote villages.

Our Methods


Intentionally invest in our neighbors with the compassion of the Gospel. Sharing God’s grace, His hope, His love and His truth.


Purposefully empower others towards their Godly design and self-sustainability. We train through the Word, Discipleship Training, Community Partnership and Resources.


Create a culture of service and opportunities for the body of Christ to serve our neighbors practically with the love of Christ. To establish trust relationships with communities and assist them as they work to find both practical and creative ways to meet the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of themselves and their neighbors.

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