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April 2021 Ministry Update

We pray this newsletter finds you and your families doing well. Our return to Nicaragua has been delayed due to some unforeseen needs for medical treatment. We are praying to be cleared to return after a May 12th medical test. Upon returning, we will begin our residency renewal process. Changes by the Nicaraguan government made it impossible to renew our residency with a Nicaraguan non-profit. Thanks to many prayers God has provided an answer through a missions ministry organization that is recognized by the government. We are still in the transition phase and once this process is completed we will be able to provide more details. Our prayer is that this will allow us to continue serving the Lord in Nicaragua for the next five years.

Continuing Ministry in Nicaragua

We shouldn't be surprised about how well ministry is going during this unusual time because Ephesians 3:20 states "Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think..." He is doing just that! God has blessed us with some outstanding young men who love the Lord and have so willingly been the feet on the ground during our extended time in the U.S. What a blessing! We have also been able to continue ministry remotely from the U.S. with our daily devotions and teaching series, WhatsApp discipleship, digital resources and regular video, phone and message contacts.

Community of San Dionisio

Quevit continues to update us on ministry activities in his community. He was able to train the leader of Vida Joven (Young Life) on how to use The Story Cloth, which is a resource that can be used effectively in teaching the Bible and sharing the Gospel.(They are pictured in the top left photo of this newsletter.) The leader was then able to teach The Story Cloth to his Vida Joven group. This resource was given to us by Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church several years ago and it continues to be a valuable ministry tool. Also, Quevit was able to purchase materials to use in teaching the weekly children's Sunday School class with designated ministry money. He earned a Teaching Degree from UNAN University and we love that he is using these skills to plan, organize, and implement these classes. Quevit also used designated ministry money to provided copies of words to Christian Worship songs in English for an English class he is teaching. We wish we knew how to attach the video he sent us of them singing. God definitely gets Glory!

Community of Solingalpa

Eduardo has become a tremendous help to us and the ministry. He lives in Solingalpa and we have known him for 6 years. We've had the privilege of seeing him grow and mature into a young man who boldly exemplifies Christ in everything he does. He is also one of the most disciplined people we know. He rides with a bicycle team in Matagalpa and takes advantage to stop in the communities where we do ministry and connect with our pastors and friends to provide updates. On a recent bike ride he met a security guard. Eduardo learned that he was a Christian who only had a small New Testament Bible and a great desire to learn more about God. Eduardo contacted us and together we were able to provide the security guard with a Study Bible and Bible Study materials. Eduardo has also been an invaluable asset and blessing in distributing medications provided by Healthy Neighbors International and delivering Bible Studies and other ministry resources to our ministry partners.

Community of Jinotega

We met Isaias in his position as the soccer program director in Jinotega. We have come to know him as a dedicated Christian husband, father, and youth leader. He has a mature faith and a strong desire to disciple the youth in his community. He is using resources that we have provided to teach and disciple both youth in his church and soccer players in the program. His wife, Ariadna, is also a mature believer and together they make a great team!

Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church Missions Sunday

It is always a privilege to visit Chilhowee Hills Baptist Church in Knoxville,TN. They have partnered with us in ministry since 2014. We had the opportunity to attend their Missions Sunday on March 14th. We love their hearts for ministry!

West Cabarrus Church Mission House

We want to thank West Cabarrus Church for the huge blessing of being able to live in the Mission House. It was so much fun sharing the home with Alison Dominguez and the whole Whittington family! One of the biggest blessings was being able to host our family several times. Thank you again West Cabarrus Church!


We are always excited to take resources with us when we return to Nicaragua! This time we have over 3 suitcases full!

How You Can Help

We are so thankful for all our family and friends that pray for us and financially support our ministry. If you are interested in partnering with us financially with a one-time donation or monthly giving, please follow the directions below:

1) Go to our website at

2) Click on the yellow donate button. This will take you to our secure In His Steps Nicaragua PayPal account.

3) Follow the instructions on how you want to give.

If you desire to mail a check, please make it payable to In His Steps Nicaragua and on the memo line write “Harbinson Support”. Then mail it to West Cabarrus Church, 7655 Bruton Smith Blvd., Concord, N.C. 28027.

Every dollar you give will continue to go to our support and ministry needs. Thank you so much for your continued support of us in the ministry God has called us to in Nicaragua.

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